Monday, September 4, 2023

Wilson County Fair

 I finally did it! I entered one of my creations into my local county fair!

I did not win anything but I’m inspired to enter even more creations next year. 

Here it is:


If you are interested in purchasing one of my bears, or any other animal just email me at!

Monday, May 2, 2022

Christmas Gifts

Sorry I have been so quiet lately! I was busy making cute little teddy bears for my son's class!

Every year when school starts I ask my son what he wants me to make his class for Christmas. I usually go ahead and start around that time because he has so many kids in his class. In fact, this year he ended up having 25 kids in his class!

When he was in kindergarten I made penguins.

When he was in first grade I made teddy bears. (Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of those bears!)

I didn't get to make anything for second grade because they were virtual by then...

Now he's in third grade and he wanted teddy bears again. Since I had made them before for his classmates I decided to just make my own pattern for this teddy bear. That way if any of the kids were in his first grade class they didn't get the same bear 😉

I'm hoping to continue this tradition as long as he will let me, at least through elementary school. I have a feeling when he gets to middle school crocheted items may be too cool for his friends LOL

If you might be interested in having something made please just send me an email.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

D-Word Doll

Otherwise known as the “Dammit Doll,” my great-grandmother used to sew these dolls all of the time! 

My grandmother asked me to make a crocheted version of these dolls and here is what I came up with. None of these were made using a pattern so no two are alike. So far, this is the only thing that I’ve shared that I can’t provide a pattern. If you would like to know how I went about crocheting this, I would be happy to explain my process. Or if you would be interested in purchasing a doll, just contact me! My email address is

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Quarantine Discovery

Over quarantine last year I discovered my new favorite pattern and I wanted to be able to share it with you!

Everyone was making this bear that was called the “Frontline Hero Bear.” Of course since it was so popular I had to see what the big deal was!

Here is a link for the pattern:

I have made tons of these bears, mostly solid colors. Here are pictures of most of the ones that I’ve made.

If you decide to make this bear let me know! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


I've been making a lot of animals lately. They seem to be very popular and are fun to make!

Here are a few of the ones that I've completed.

These two bears use the same pattern, I just didn't change colors on the garnet and gold one. I've made quite a few of these bears and plan on making more! I loved the pattern! Here it is:

This is a white tiger for my son, his favorite animal. I love this designer and have quite a few of her patterns. I have 2 more already started! Here is a link to her website for all of her patterns, including the white tiger.

This bear is using the same Frontline Bear pattern as above, I just used 2 strands of Red Heart Super Saver yarn and a J hook. It was a gift for my son's teacher at the end of the school year.

A bloodhound puppy for my neighbor. They have a bloodhound named Rose so she wanted a crocheted version of Rose. Here is the pattern I used:

I had an order for a llama. I love how it turned out but all of those loops were not fun to make!! I would make it again, just maybe a smaller version. Here is a link to this pattern:

I saw this dragon pattern on and had to make one for my son!

I make my son an Easter Bunny every year for Easter and I usually let him pick the pattern. Well, this year he said he wanted a Captain America bunny. This is what I came up with. I think he turned out cute! I used this pattern and just did color changed to make it look like Captain America.

I heard my neighbors talking about how much they liked Groot so I decided to make one up really quick. He turned out cute!
It's a free download through

My nieces turned 13 on June 18th. Their mascot at their school is an eagle so I decided to make them one for their birthday. The school colors are green, grey, and white. Here is a link to the pattern I used:

I love making these! If you would like to order one, or have a question about a pattern that I have listed, please let me know! You can email me at

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Crafts with Lucas - Perler Beads

It's the first official week of summer here in Tennessee. We are already being crafty in our house!

This is our first craft of the summer. 

He always does these with his friends, not just in the summertime. They are so easy for the kids to do and it lets them use their imaginations and creativity! We tried out these Big Beads this time. Lucas said that they were a lot easier to maneuver around and I think he liked them better. However, when I went to fuse them together, it did take a little longer since they are bigger. We do like how it turned out though!

We have other crafts planned for the summer so be looking for more Crafts with Lucas posts!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Summer Vaction

It's officially about to be summer at my house. Although, my son has been acting like it's been summer for a little bit longer.

As usual, I will bring back Crafts with Lucas for the summer! Fortunately, I have a child that loves to sit down and do crafts. 

I have also been busy crocheting since I've had more time on my hands so soon I will show pictures of all of my quarantine projects. 

Hope everyone is staying safe during this time. Remember now is the perfect time to be crafty!