Sunday, June 9, 2019


Lucas was in baseball camp this week so we will continue with a Craft with Lucas next week.

This week I'm thinking about where we get our inspiration from. Family? Friends? Work? Somewhere else? All of the above?

In February I started working in the cafeteria at my son's school. I wasn't sure what I would think about it at first, but I love it! There's just something about being around kids that lifts your spirits.

I wear an apron when working in the cafeteria so everything that I may need to help out the kids is easy to get to. My best friend sewed me some fun aprons with flamingoes and Seminoles on them and that got me thinking. I should be able to crochet an apron!

I went to my go to site,, to see what kind of free apron patterns I could find. I found a perfect simple apron pattern and hope to get it done over the summer so I can wear it next school year!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Popsicle Stick Crafts

The first week of summer is almost over and we have already been crafty! Here is the first Craft with Lucas.

There are some many things that you can make with popsicle sticks! Here is one that we tried out this week.

Popsicle Stick Spear Decoration


Popsicle sticks
Craft glue
Paint color of your choice
Paint brush
Sheet or towel to do your craft on

Here is how we did this craft:

First paint the popsicle sticks. (You'll have to wait a few minutes to let the paint dry before you can go to the next step.)

Next, get your craft glue ready. We made a triangle first.

Then put together the bottom part of the spear.

Once the glue was dry on both pieces, we connected them with 2 rows of popsicle sticks.

And that's it! That's how you make a popsicle stick spear!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Crafts with Lucas

Summer time is almost here and you know what that means! More Crafts with Lucas!

At our house we love doing crafts so be on the look out for kid friendly crafts. There might also be a few that you can do with your mom or dad :)

So get ready! Our first Craft with Lucas will be posted some time next week!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Learning time

I was recently approached by to try out a learning worksheet with my son. He absolutely loved it!
Here is the one that we tried out for them:

He only needed a little help with 1 or 2 words but he did really good!

We looked at other worksheets that they had on their site and he can't wait to try out some of the others that were on there. He especially likes mazes, word searches, and color by numbers.

These are perfect for a rainy or cold day when you are trying to find something to do with your kids! 

Have fun with this Winter matching words to pictures activity. Check out for more reading skills resources.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from The Crafty Flamingo!!

Do you have any crafty resolutions? I'm hoping to finish a few projects that I've had started for a while :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Crafts with Lucas

Now that the holidays are here we are having fun at our house making Christmas crafts!

Hobby Lobby and Joann's had so many fun supplies this year, we had to make most of what we found!

From ornaments...

to suncatchers...

to a Christmas countdown...

everything was so much fun to do with my mom!

Friday, November 9, 2018


When I first started crocheting I used to see all of the cute animal patterns that people would make. I never thought that I would be able to make any of them. They all looked so hard! I never thought that my crochet skills would get to that level.
Then I saw a pattern for a kitty cat that looked simple enough. Here it is:
This quickly became one of my favorite patterns. I've made quite a few of these.
Here are a few of my creations from the kitty pattern.
Some of my other creations with my kitty.
Since then I've moved on to many other animals. I've made teddy bears, sock monkeys, dinosaurs, unicorns, cows, elephants... this list goes on and on! Here are the patterns and my pictures of my creations.

A turtle for my son. Click here for the pattern.

A butterfly for a baby gift. Click here for the pattern.

Dinosaur for the kids in my cul de sac. Click here for the pattern.
I'm also working on making penguins for my son's class. I combined a few patterns to make this so if you are interested in making one of these let me know!
These are just a few of my amigurumi critters. I have come to love making new critters! If you have any questions about any of these patterns, or would like to share something that you've made please comment below!