Sunday, June 9, 2019


Lucas was in baseball camp this week so we will continue with a Craft with Lucas next week.

This week I'm thinking about where we get our inspiration from. Family? Friends? Work? Somewhere else? All of the above?

In February I started working in the cafeteria at my son's school. I wasn't sure what I would think about it at first, but I love it! There's just something about being around kids that lifts your spirits.

I wear an apron when working in the cafeteria so everything that I may need to help out the kids is easy to get to. My best friend sewed me some fun aprons with flamingoes and Seminoles on them and that got me thinking. I should be able to crochet an apron!

I went to my go to site,, to see what kind of free apron patterns I could find. I found a perfect simple apron pattern and hope to get it done over the summer so I can wear it next school year!

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