Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Scarf Weather

With Fall comes cooler weather and that means one thing. Time to make yourself a new scarf or hat, or both! I think I make myself a new scarf every year!

Here are a few of my favorite scarf patterns.

Heart Scarf

I used Red Heart Shimmer yarn so it made it a little sparkley. Here is the pattern for this:
It's a square that I just repeated until it was long enough for a scarf.

Awareness Scarf
I have made a few of these. One in pink for breast cancer awareness and one on black for melanoma awareness.

Keyhole Scarf
This is my own pattern. My grandmother had requested a keyhole scarf and I didn't find a pattern that was perfect for her so I made a pattern just for her. Here is the pattern:

Granny Scarf
I seem to have misplaced the pattern for this one. The middle part is done using the granny stripe pattern and has two squares on the ends.

Enjoy a few of my favorite scarf patterns now that fall is here! If you have any questions just leave a comment or email me at