Monday, June 20, 2016

Crochet and Traveling

Summer is officially here! Most of us will be on the road traveling with our families. Don't leave that crochet hook at home though! There are plenty of projects that are perfect to take on the road with you.

Smaller projects are the best kind to bring with you on a road trip. Hats, washcloths, dishcloths, and baby clothing are just a few things that I have found are perfect projects to work on while traveling. One of my previous postings lists some of my favorite hat patterns which are perfect to bring with you! I also have a kitchen towel which would be easy to travel with.

If you want to work on a blanket while traveling, the best kind would be a motif blanket. That way you can work on it in small pieces and then sew them together when you get back home!

Summer doesn't stop me from doing bigger projects though. I just always like to have a blanket to work on. They don't really travel well though. If you get to crochet a lot the blanket might get too big and not leave you enough room for souvenirs!

What are some projects that you like to take with you on a road trip?