Monday, May 2, 2022

Christmas Gifts

Sorry I have been so quiet lately! I was busy making cute little teddy bears for my son's class!

Every year when school starts I ask my son what he wants me to make his class for Christmas. I usually go ahead and start around that time because he has so many kids in his class. In fact, this year he ended up having 25 kids in his class!

When he was in kindergarten I made penguins.

When he was in first grade I made teddy bears. (Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of those bears!)

I didn't get to make anything for second grade because they were virtual by then...

Now he's in third grade and he wanted teddy bears again. Since I had made them before for his classmates I decided to just make my own pattern for this teddy bear. That way if any of the kids were in his first grade class they didn't get the same bear 😉

I'm hoping to continue this tradition as long as he will let me, at least through elementary school. I have a feeling when he gets to middle school crocheted items may be too cool for his friends LOL

If you might be interested in having something made please just send me an email.