Tuesday, July 28, 2020


I've been making a lot of animals lately. They seem to be very popular and are fun to make!

Here are a few of the ones that I've completed.

These two bears use the same pattern, I just didn't change colors on the garnet and gold one. I've made quite a few of these bears and plan on making more! I loved the pattern! Here it is:

This is a white tiger for my son, his favorite animal. I love this designer and have quite a few of her patterns. I have 2 more already started! Here is a link to her website for all of her patterns, including the white tiger.

This bear is using the same Frontline Bear pattern as above, I just used 2 strands of Red Heart Super Saver yarn and a J hook. It was a gift for my son's teacher at the end of the school year.

A bloodhound puppy for my neighbor. They have a bloodhound named Rose so she wanted a crocheted version of Rose. Here is the pattern I used:

I had an order for a llama. I love how it turned out but all of those loops were not fun to make!! I would make it again, just maybe a smaller version. Here is a link to this pattern:

I saw this dragon pattern on Ravelry.com and had to make one for my son!

I make my son an Easter Bunny every year for Easter and I usually let him pick the pattern. Well, this year he said he wanted a Captain America bunny. This is what I came up with. I think he turned out cute! I used this pattern and just did color changed to make it look like Captain America.

I heard my neighbors talking about how much they liked Groot so I decided to make one up really quick. He turned out cute!
It's a free download through Ravelry.com

My nieces turned 13 on June 18th. Their mascot at their school is an eagle so I decided to make them one for their birthday. The school colors are green, grey, and white. Here is a link to the pattern I used:

I love making these! If you would like to order one, or have a question about a pattern that I have listed, please let me know! You can email me at lindsaymayo@gmail.com