Friday, November 22, 2019

The stitch that will never stop

One of the reasons why I learned to crochet is to be able to make things for my friends and family. My grandmother did that for her family and I wanted to be able to carry on that tradition.

My son inspires me to make all kinds of things. He's how I got to making all different kinds of animals. I started making a kitty out of a rectangle with this pattern: and now I've made all kinds of things!





For Christmas I even make everyone in my son's class an animal. I let Lucas decide what kind of animal and even help pick out the pattern for it. I basically start this project when school starts since I have to make so many! Here is the pattern for what I am making his 1st grade class this year: They are turning out really cute!

I'm hoping to be able to carry on this tradition for years to come! I know my friends and family are excited to see what I come up with every year for them :)