Sunday, February 25, 2018


Booties are done!

This was such a fun project to do.

If you decide to make these, I would suggest following along with the video that is on the website. She explains each step very thoroughly and helps you with each step along the way!

If you decide to make these let me know! I would definitely make these again!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Flamingo Feathers

I just wanted to catch you up on my progress on the Flamingo booties. I've been busy!

The feathers were so much fun to make and I was able to learn a new stitch at the same time! I was intimidated by the crocodile stitch before, but not anymore. I'm ready to make other projects with this stitch now!

The next step was to attach the feathers to the booties. That was a little difficult because you had to make sure that everything was lined up just right. You don’t want your flamingo to have crooked feathers! I would recommend pinning them on to the bootie before sewing them on. That way it stays in place and they don’t get crooked.

Next step, flamingo head!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Flamingo Booties Part 2

Update on the flamingo booties!

For those of you following along with me, I've done the first two steps, the sole and the top of the bootie. My next step is the side feathers.

So far this pattern has been very easy to follow along with. No issues at all! I'm loving this pattern so far and can't wait to see the flamingo start to shape up!

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Being The Crafty Flamingo one would think that I would have made at least one flamingo. Nope! I have never made a flamingo! I thought it might be time for me to try it out so here it goes.

 Flamingo baby booties!

I am so excited to get this started. Here is the pattern:

I will be using Red Hear Super Saver yarn in Bubble Gum, Black, and White. I'll start out using the size F-3.75mm hook, but sometimes I need to go up or down a size so we shall see how this project turns out.

I'll post an update early next week on my progress!