Thursday, September 22, 2016

Christmas Crafts

While I don't like seeing Christmas in stores in September, my mind does start looking towards what I might make my friends and family for Christmas.

One of my favorite things to make is ornaments. They are quick and easy to make, plus my friends and family can treasure them every year when they decorate their Christmas tree!

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas ornament patterns:

I included 2 different patterns. I wasn't sure which one that I used because I made this one a few years ago.

These are just a few of my favorite ornament patterns but if you search, you can find lots more! From wreaths and stockings to toys and animals! Share your favorite ornament patterns with me. I'm always looking for new patterns :)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Finding the perfect pattern

I have had many orders for many different kinds of blankets and other items recently. That meant searching the internet to find the perfect pattern, which to me, is part of the fun of a crochet project!

First, my husband's cousin got married last month. My mother in-law and I decided to make her a blanket as a wedding gift. We searched and searched the internet to find the perfect pattern and ultimately decided to use this pattern for the blanket and this pattern for the border It turned out beautiful!

Next, I had an order for a few baby items that a neighbor wanted for an upcoming baby shower. She wanted a baby hat, bib, and baby booties. I went back to the internet to search for the perfect patterns for these items. 

The hat was the easiest. I just did a simple hat in the colors requested, blue and cream. Here is how it turned out.

The other items were a little bit more difficult for me. I would think that I found the perfect pattern, start it, and then decide on frogging the project and try out a different pattern. I did that multiple times when I was making the baby bib. I just wanted to make a simple bib because I was going to make it to match the hat. I ended up using this pattern as a guide: I didn't want it to be so big so I just used this as a guide and made this one a little smaller. I think it turned out perfect!

I saved the booties for last because I don't make those very often. I have just never been able to find a pattern that I liked that turned out right. Well, after searching the internet again, I think that I have finally found a baby bootie pattern that I really like! Here it is: It is titled Easy Basic Baby Booties and it really is an easy pattern. Here is how mine turned out:

I think that I ended up finding the perfect pattern for these items. Don't you think?

Don't worry if you have to frog a few patterns when you first start out. Almost every time I start a project, it takes me a few tries before I find the perfect pattern to follow. Then, if I can't find it, I try to just make my own! 

Happy crocheting!