Monday, June 13, 2011

Ripple Blanket

A lot of crocheters have their go to blanket that they make when they need something done quick and easy. This is mine. I have made this blanket about 4 times in the last 2 years! I can not take credit for the pattern, My friend Jennifer Williams shared this with me when I was looking to branch out from doing granny squares. Thanks Jennifer for providing me with one of my favorite patterns!

Now, how to make it.

Ripple blanket for Sky


Worsted weight yarn
I usually use an I hook. If you want the blanket bigger or smaller just use a bigger or smaller hook.

Chain 118

DC in third ch from hook (your two ch count as 1 DC) DC in next 5 chs (total of 7 DC including the first 2 chs) *In next ch, DC CH1 DC (this is the peak) DC in next 7 Chs. Skip the next 2 CHS. DC in next 7 CHS* Repeat from * until you make your last peak. After you make the last peak DC in next 6 Chs, Skip the next CH, DC in last stitch for a total 7.

Next Row:

CH 2, Turn. Skip a stitch, DC in next 6 stitches. Then DC CH1 DC in CH1 stitch. Then repeat the pattern like before. After you make the last peak DC in next 6 stitches, skip one DC in last stitch, CH 2 turn and repeat.

Repeat the second row until you have the length you desire.


  1. You were featured on my blog:! Be sure to stop by and pick up your button!

  2. I've started this blanket twice now (got 3 rows in, trotted, restarted) and in the first row I'm STILL short a stitch. After I make the last peak, I stitch 6 DC and I only have 1 CH SP left. I chained the initial 118 and I've had 3 different people count my stitches. Is there a typo? Maybe CH 119?

  3. That's happened to me before when I made it. There's not a typo, I just made this blanket myself in garnet and gold. Just don't skip a stitch and keep going. That's what I've done in the past and it turned out fine! Good luck!

  4. How can i make this blanket bigger. Will a 132 stitch count work?