Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Frogging a Project

Frogging: the process of ripping out and undoing your crochet stitches when you make a mistake.

At some point, all crocheters will frog all or some of one of their crochet projects. I have done this many times myself. In fact, I just recently had to frog part of my American Flag Blanket project. As I got further along, the stars just were not laying in the right positions and I didn't like how they were starting to look. So I made a decision. I frogged the stars and am starting over!

I had a little helper taking the stars off :)

I think it took less time to take all of those stars off then it did to get them on the blanket!
Now, I'm starting over and making the stars smaller so that they fit better on the blanket. You just have to learn from your mistakes and don't get upset if something like this happens!

If this happens to you while you are crocheting, don't get upset. Know that you are not alone. Every crocheter has had to do it at some point. If you are like me, you want to make sure that your project looks perfect!

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