Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Magic of Crochet

Every time I crochet something, it amazes me how I can take a simple skein of yarn and make it into something. I can't believe that with the simple stitches that I've learned that I can stitch them up into a blanket, scarf, or whatever else that I may stitching up!

There came a point that I couldn't find a pattern for something that I was wanting to make. I searched and searched and just couldn't find anything!

Finally, I just decided to come up with something original. I had been crocheting for a couple years already and was fairly confident in my ability. Once I came up with the pattern, I had crochet friends help me out and make sure that the pattern was written so that everyone could understand and make their own. I started out simple and made a dish towel.
Here is the link to the pattern:

Using these stitches I then designed a keyhole scarf, baby blanket, baby bib, and a baby hat. You can check out my blog for these postings if you'd like!

Now, if I want to make something that I can't find a pattern for, I feel pretty confident that I can come up with something on my own. If I have any trouble, I have friends in the crochet community that are always willing to help me out! Try it out! It's not as hard you might think :)

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