Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Clothespin Wreath

Summer has begun and that means I get to do fun crafts with my mommy! Here is our first one of the summer.


(You can get these at Hobby Lobby and Walmart)

Wire wreath frame
Clothespins (enough to go around your wire frame)
Wooden Letter
Hot Glue Gun

First step is to clip the clothes pins onto the wire frame

Depending on what kind of frame you have, you can do a double layer of the clothespins. That's what I want to do for our wreath for the fall so it can be Garnet & Gold.

Once you get all of the clothespins around the frame next you paint them. 

I did 2 coats of paint on the clothespins to get the color that I wanted.

While the clothespins are drying, next we painted our letter. We chose a letter M for our last name.

Here is everything painted:

The next step my mommy did so you might need some help from a grown up, especially if you're using a hot glue gun.

My mommy hot glued the letter where I told her that I wanted it to be positioned, right at the bottom. If you want it to be somewhere else, that's great too!

Here is our finished wreath (once the paint and glue dried)

Be sure and share your clothespin wreath with me if you make one!

Be sure and check back on Crafts with Lucas to see what we do next!

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  1. Way to go Lucas!!! You did such a great job.