Monday, June 24, 2019

Crafty Friends

Lucas has been in bible school the past 2 weeks but that doesn't mean he hasn't been crafty! Here are a few things that he's been up to.

As you know from previous posts, Lucas loves crafting with his mom. He saw my flamingo diamond paint by number kit and wanted to try one for himself. Lucky for him, we found one that was just perfect for him, a baseball themed kit!

Here are the kits that we used. Lucas's came from Hobby Lobby and the flamingo kit was ordered online through Amazon.

These are so much fun! I wasn't sure how Lucas would do with it, but he loved doing it as much as I did.

We also did a craft with a friend. Our neighbor Brenna wanted to be crafty with us one afternoon. Here is what she wanted to make.

Bead Bracelets



Step 1: Measure the length according to your wrist so your bracelet is the perfect length and use your scissors to cut the yarn.

Step 2: String your beads on the yarn.

Step 3: Have a friend or grown up tie the bracelet on to your wrist. It's done!

Check back soon for another Craft with Lucas!

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