Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Families have many traditions. Whether it be holiday traditions, or just passing something down. In my family, one of those traditions is crafting with yarn.

For as long as I can remember my mom knit. When she found out that someone was going to have a baby she would get out her knitting needles and make them a blanket. She had her go-to pattern that she would make everyone. When she passed, I got all of her yarn and some of her knitting needles. When I was going through some of her unfinished projects I found a blanket that she had started. Since I didn't knit, I sent it to her best friend in Indianapolis who finished it for me to give to my son. I am so glad that she was able to do this for him. She would have made him all kinds of things if she were still with us.

I have tried and tried to knit like my mom did but have never been able to figure it out. So, I decided to try and crochet.

I always knew that my grandmother crocheted. She won all kinds of awards at fairs for her craft. I hope to one day be able to crochet as well as she did. Since I have started to crochet, I've learned that she isn't the only one in the family that crocheted. My Great-Great Grandma Briddle was also a crocheter! In fact, a few of my hooks may have actually come from her! I had no idea that my favorite hobby went so far back in my family. I am so glad that this is a tradition that I am able to carry on.

One tradition that my grandmother had is that she made everyone in our family a rainbow blanket and
a teddy bear blanket. Once I started crocheting, everyone was so happy that I could carry on this tradition one day. I have her patterns and yarn, but have not been able to do them justice like she did.

One tradition that I have carried on from my mom is that when I found out that a friend or family
member is going to have a baby I get out my crochet hook and start making them a blanket. My dad knows that I enjoy doing this so last year, he asked me to make an American Flag blanket for a co-worker who was pregnant. My family absolutely fell in love with the finished product and have decided that this will be my blanket that I should make everyone, just like my grandmother had her blanket that she made everyone. They understand that I wanted to have my own tradition and not try and copy my grandmother. I think that my grandmother would love that I have found a way to carry on this tradition and that I have chosen a design of my own. Carrying on a family tradition, just with a little uniqueness to create my own legacy.

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